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Mateo's Family Owned Restaurant at Appleton Location

Mateo’s Cafe & Restaurant

Mateo’s Cafe & Restaurant was established in Waupun, WI by Jesus Venegas Gutierrez. Jesus began working in the restaurant industry as a dishwasher in 2009, but quickly began climbing the ladder from busboy to waiter. Inspired by the industry and his desire to provide for his family, the idea of being a restaurant owner was born. With the help of several mentors (including Oscar Sandoval and Efrain Carrasco Rico) along with his prior industry experience, Jesus opened his first restaurant in 2019, which was named after his son, Mateo. 

Today, Mateo’s Cafe & Restaurant has two locations in Waupun and Appleton, WI which serve up delicious breakfast and brunch meals. But don’t take our word for it! Visit us today to find out what makes us a top choice for dine-in or takeout near you.